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About AXN

AXN is an information brokerage and expert connection service that offers access to a proprietary network of over 500 subject matter experts in African markets to companies and investors seeking real-time, granular business insights.

  • The problem we solve

    Finding targeted and reliable, real-time information in African markets is difficult and costly. Investors increasingly need targeted information about specific opportunities and challenges on the continent to make sound investment decisions and mitigate risks. AXN was designed to reduce the cost and time of finding specific sector information in order to accelerate deal identification, diligence, risk mitigation and execution.

  • How we help our clients

    AXN’s clients submit queries on the AXN website (client log-in needed). AXN leadership will then personally identify and vet the right experts, and source the information or connect the client with them within 72 hours. Common client query types include: assistance in origination and sourcing investment opportunities, due diligence on assets and partners, competitive intelligence, pricing information and market/consumer data.

Our Service

AXN improves the quality of and access to information in a timely fashion for its clients.

Access network

Access to an unparalleled variety of experts on a single platform, covering over 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Our experts have extensive experience in dozens of different sectors – from power and consumer goods to resources and real estate.

Sector-specific information that addresses key questions related to operational execution and investment decision making.

Real time data

Access to timely, accurate information covering Africa’s diverse legal, political and economic environments.

Our Partners

We collaborate with seasoned international specialists with investment, capital, and consulting expertise in all the major world markets.

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Contact Us

Start the conversation to see what we can do for you. Our goal is to serve you as completely and efficiently as possible.

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